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tv   FOX News Sunday With Chris Wallace  FOX  September 30, 2012 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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right across the parking lot. we'll show you more of those pictures ahead. >> nothing of those sorts in our area, huh chuck? >> no, we don't need to worry about that. that video is not local. all we have to worry about for now is just a little sunshine out there first thing morning. it will lead to a cloud deck around this afternoon. and it will lead to a couple scattered showered around, but most of us don't need to worry about rain on our sunday. live picture outside. more clouds the further north you go. 59 in washington, 52 in montgomery county. also in haguerstown. 46 in cumberland. there was a little batch of showers early this morning that
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grazed far pennsylvania. and i think that area might be primed to get another quick couple showers, but we're not looking for any wash outs or anything like that. temperatures today up into the mid-70s. looks like it will be a very warm week in the first week of october. >> a grim mile san antonio in the war in afghanistan, 2,000 military men and women have died? 91 year war in afghanistan. the latest deaths happened last night. officials say two people were killed outside a joint u.s. afghan military base. one of the americans was a u.s. soldier, the other a civilian contractor. the total u.s. death toll is much higher after you count those that dried from injuries
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after they returns to the u.s. and tonight "at the brink" a hard look at what's at stake. ann curry will bring reports from syria. it's after news 4 at 6:00. one man died from a hit-and-run in prince george's county. police are looking for a white shf impala and they have not released the name of the man who died. >> also, we learned the identities of the two people who died in a plane cash. john morton jr. and his 13-year-old son kyle died. both were from stafford and died on the scene. the plane crash last night happened near the river heights mobile home park in fredericksburg. a witness describes what he saw moments before the crash.
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>> the engines were running, then i stay go up, and then corkscrew down. >> neighbors tried to help the victims, but it was too late. >> now to decision 2012 where we're just three days to the presidential debate. crews in denver are setting the stage at the campus arena. about 1,000 people will get tickets to the debate where president obama and mitt romney will debate domestic policy issues. the debate is set for wednesday night at 9:00 p.m., and today the president will go to nevada for campaign rallies and debeat prep. then he will visit virginia on friday. president obama is scheduled to speak at a grass roots campaign event in fair fax county. so far no details on where or what time the president will appear.
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the latest polls show him with a lead over mitt romney in virginia. >> mitt romney will spend today preparing for wednesday's debate. he is expected to appear tomorrow and will stay in the city until after the debate. analyst say wednesday is his best chance to help change the polls. romney is running out of time, david gregory joined us onset, and he says wednesday's debate may be romney's only chance to do just that. >> they represent the last big moment to reach sen tens of millions of people at one time. i think it is a last chance to turn the debate around and the campaign around. if they're in a cycle where they're just reacting to events and looking for an angle, it becomes difficult. >> stay tuned for "meet the press" this morning.
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chris christie will be joining david, you can see it right here on nbc 4. meanwhile, paul ryan will prepare for his own debate in our region. he will hold a three day camp starting on wednesday in virginia. his debate with joe bide season set for thursday, october 11th kentucky. advisors for ryan are already down playing expectations, calling vice president bideen one of the most experienced debaters in politics, and president biden spent time in florida. he said voters that republican plans will make health care unaffordable for seniors. he also blamed president obama for the strugglingy saying their policies caused problems to begin with. >> organizers are planning a week of resistance.
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saturday, the group protested outside of the bank of america branch. they put up tape blocking the entrance. our slogan is the banks were bailed out, we were sold out. and a lot of people were sold out by the banks. this is a way to make it real. we were able to stop one eviction and to delay another one for a couple months. >> tomorrow they plan to block k street during the morning rush. >> and the redskins battle the bucs today and the gnats could be celebrating a title. the number is down to one, so with a win or the brave's loss, they clinch the east. they defeated the cardinals 6-4
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in extra innings. if they don't do it today, they can do it tomorrow in front of the home faithful against the fillies. >> and the orioles on their push finish the playoff, they're now tied for the al east division lead with the yankees. the o's issue up a series today. next, the rare earthquakes that rattled people in their sleep overnight. >> an event you may want to add to your calendar today. >> putting the fair in fairfax county. big doings out here,ville details coming up. and danger from our devices. be careful before plugging them all up. the warning that may save your life.
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this morning, you can have family fun for free at the 20th annual fairfax kids fest. derek ward is live at the government center with a preview now, good morning, derek. >> good morning, we have a big old slice of americana to go with your coffee. take a look, this is a 20 year tradition here that's grown into a full fledged county fair. a two day weekend evidence where the parking lot has been transformed, like i said, into a full fledged county fair. there is lots of activity and it's all geared towards the kids. there's lots of opportunity for
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everyone to come out and enjoy the event. there is educational exhibits as well for kids to have fun while learning about public safety and the environment. >> the carnival for the first time this year, and an incredible number of events out here. face painting, petting zoo, a dozen food vendors. it's all about education and fun here at fair fax county. >> and i also understand there will be an appearance of a certain peacock. this event starts at 10:00, runs to five, and the event is free. this is the second and last day of this event. we're live in fairfax county. back to you. >> derek paints quite a picture.
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>> i wonder if he will come back with some face paint. >> i'm wearing it, you can't tell? >> very natural look for you. >> maybe i'll go for a different picture next time. new this morning, two area earthquakes rattled north texas. both quakes were centers just west of dallas texas and hit just after midnight. >> i left california, i thought i was done with earthquakes. i was in the 90s san francisco earthquake, and the so i feel like they're just following me, and here i am in texas. >> those were the '89 earthquakes, right? >> yeah. >> there are no reports of damage or anyone hurt. >> next, the dangerous risk you
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may be taking right now with devices plugged up in your home. >> and see the plays that set up what could be a big moment in dc sports history today. >> and caught on video. see just how powerful mother nature can be in a storm. check bell has a look at the che[ male announcer ] at the for the dreamers... and those well grounded. for what's around this corner... and the next. there's cash flow options from pnc. solutions to help businesses like yours
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incredible video to show you out of japan. this is out of okiawa. winds topped 100 miles per hour, and it caused power blackouts in okinawa and it is expected to hit the tokyo region with rain and strong winds. >> i used to live in the far east, and one of my friends who
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is a journalist says even the construction cars that came to help have blown over. 137 miles per hour discussgusts. >> that will knock some stuff down. that's almost as strong as hurricane andrew. our concerns and prayers go out to our friends and neighbors over there. for us, our weather is nice and quiet for now. we got sunshine out there to get your sunday morning started. it may not stay as pretty all day long today. a little bit of a back up plan, you may get a rain shower here this afternoon, especially if you live towards maryland. down towards fredericksburg. with a mix of clouds and sunshine out there, a pleasant
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morning. temperatures mostly in the 50s. most of fairfax county and montgomery county in the mid-50s this morning. we will be try here for the re of the morning hours. we'll have a chance for scattered popcorn variety showers mid to late afternoon today, and a little pocket of cool air riding in a loft's well. don't completely turn your back on some shower chances. redskins are on the road in tampa, temperatures near 90 at kick off, and staying hot and humid all game long. i know the nationals are in st. louis today, but they'll be right back home here tomorrow, and tomorrow, it's a 7:05 first pitch against the phillies. we cannot let them fill our stands up. we're playoff bound.
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we're cloudy and dry through most of the game tomorrow night. around here on radar this morning, not much showing up. there is a little grazing of rain showers. it's all around an area of low pressure. and that will continue to send pockets of energy and area. the best rain chances are u.s. 50 northbound. and even so, even if you get rain today, it will not last all day long. it will not be a wash out. tomorrow, sunshine, clouds will spill into our skies. i think rain chances hold off until after dark. but tuesday is looking on the wet side. so for today, a sun and cloud mixture. tonight, a clearing sky will allow for another cool start in
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the morning. upper 40s in the suburbs. and a risk of rain showers. not until well late into the day. and tuesday looks like the rainiest day of the week. temperatures will stay quite middle, the average high now is 73 and we'll be pushing 80 degrees tuesday, wednesday, thursday, and friday. most of the rain this week comes on thursday. >> thank you, check. think of how many electronices you have in your home. we have tvs, dvd players, phone, all of those need to be plugged in and you're probably using an extension cord or power strip, but these everyday items could be a hazard in your home. >> the family was asleep, the father was able to get up. by the time he was able to get up. the fire extended to the stairwell. two folks upstairs didn't make it out. >> mark is describing last
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month's fatal fire. it was blamed on a overloaded extension cord and power strip. and just last september, a fire claimed three lives after this power strip was overloaded with electric tis and caught fire. he says both fires could have been prevented. >> they just expect @ will work and if i keep plugging stuff in it will keep working and that's just not the case. >> they look like convenient ways to lug in lots of things that need power, but just because you can fill up the outlets, you could overload into danger. >> what people doe is will plug multiple big things into it. five or six plugs, that's a lot of power. >> appliances like space heaters, air conditioners, refrigerators, washers and dr s
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driers should should be plugged in together. they should only be used on a single outlet circuit. the strips can overlet, smoke, and cause a fire. >> this is an example of what not to do. we have an air conditioner, microwave, and air conditioner. it's just plugged into a outlet, but it's providing them six places to plug things in. this this case, one thing should be plugged in. >> smaller things like laptops, cell phones with are safe tore use, but one more warning, not all power strips are made the same. >> they look very, very similar, have the same switch, same number of plugs and the cord looks similar. >> the one on the left is
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heavier. the strip on the left has a ul listing. it ig any if is a safety standard here in the u.s. the other power strip has a label unknown to safety experts. >> the number one way is to look for that u-l listing. >> a good power strip or extension cord with the ul label will cost you have a bit more, and a surge protector is even better. exci despite paying a few extra dollars, it will protect you and your family. >> washington is 1-2 to far on the season. pi year garcon is questionable for today's game as he is recovering from a foot injury. kick off is at 4:25. >> the redskins game a all of
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the others will have the regular nfl officials back in place. they approved a new eight year deal last night. they were locked out the first three weeks of the season. players, fans, coaches, and even president obama started complaining about the replacement ref res for inconsistent and sometimes incorrect calls. and moving over to baseball, the nationals and orioles inch closer to the playoffs. >> lou holder as it all this morning in the sports minute. good morning, i'm lou holder, here is your sports minute starting with baseball. nationals visiting the cardinals. top one, bases loaded for michael morris, and he hits that grand slam, or does he? it is determined yes, and the
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ups make he act out what he did. and to battle more, and on broor broo brooks robinson's night, the o's win 4-3 and are tied with the yankees. virginia tech taking on cincinnati bear cats. this came down to the end. bear cats quarter back munchy legeau. the bear cats win 27-24. to mor begantown, bailor visiting west virginia, no defense required in this game whatsoever. gino smith passing for 656 yards and eight touchdowns as the mountain ears win 70 to 63.
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uav loses to virginia tech, and hour 56-9. thank you, coming up, how one city is using twit tore help stop gun violence. >> and
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live pictures now from fairfax county for the celebrate fairfax event. a lot of people are expected out there today. rides, food, guams, and all of the stuff that makes it fun. you might want to head out now if you plan on celebrating fairfax today. >> let's see how the weather is going to hold up for that event and all of the others going on. >> what's up, chuck? >> we have a few fair weather clouds out there, but no rain
9:31 am
drops copping down even though those clouds are ominous looking. they're dark but they're not generating any rainfall. here is the way our view looks from the tower camera. you're looking northbound, there is plenty of blue in the sky up there. it will be a nice morning around here. we will be on the look out for showers later on this afternoon. not everyone is going to get rained on. even if you get rained on today it will not last long. temperatures right now mid to upper 50s for most, and there is the picture of the radar to set your mind at ease. no drops that close to us. there was a little patch of rain near itself burg pa, and is southeast bound. there are rain shower chances especially maryland, and
9:32 am
anywhere from washington northbound today. there is your sunday planner, it will be dry around here for the next several hours. that is welcome news, and the skies will clear out. we'll talk about monday and the week ahead coming up. >> tomorrow, the man arrested in alexandria will go to court. they took him into custody after a nearly eight hour stand off. there was reports of a man fires shots from a boat. police evacuated the marina and tried to make contact with the man. >> we heard like four shots, and we thought it was my motor, because i just recently got a boat, but i guess it was him, and he was shooting at the helicopter. >> police say they're looking into those reports that he fired at a helicopter. >> this morning, the brother of
9:33 am
the slain school superintendent denies his brother was having an affair with the wife of the suspect. he believed reid was having an affair with his wife. and now he is charged with second degree murder. >> in the week ahead, the man suspected of shooting a security guard in the family research center is expected in court tomorrow. he is accused of walking into the headquarters last month and opening fire, injuring the security guard. they say he disagreesed with they're politics. >> the supreme court will consider gay action, affirmative action, and voting rights. john roberts sided with the liberal justices this year when he jep held the president's health care plan. >> the holiday shopping forecast
9:34 am
is expected out on tuesday, and analyst believe holiday retail he looks like be up compared to the rest of the year. that's lower than last year's bump, but companies are hoping for an increase in revenue. businesses should be optimistic because shoppers are still visiting stores, so there's still a chance to hook them with great deals. >> expect delays today because of work on the track work. from southern avenue to branch avenue they be running bussing. all the work is expected to wrap up in time for tomorrow morning's route. today, changing to the metro bus route. adding stops on the j 4 line. some routs like the 16 f and 16 y lines will turn into the metro
9:35 am
extra routs, and the 92, 93, and 94 lines will start a bit later in the day. >> tomorrow, new laws will take effect to protect victims of domestic vie lance olence in ma. if you have to leave your job because of violence, you will be able to have unemployment. and now all scooter and mo ped riders must wear a helmet and eye protection. riders have to follow the same rules of the road effect for bicycles. >> crews are making progress in the carmageddon.
9:36 am
construction stopped for awhile while crews cleaned up degree. work resumed shortly after and they're on schedule to reopen the freeway for tomorrow morning's cute. >> so to help viet an alarming number of gun vie lens. they're taking to twitter for solutions. people are asked to tweet solutions on how to cut off the flow of illegal guns into the windy city. more than 380 people have been killed in chicago already this year. >> the time right now is 9:36, and the church asking you to and the church asking you to bring your pets to church this
9:37 am
the middle class, who move our country forward. work hard. raise families. and keep america strong. but mitt romney's budget plan will hurt the middle class. raising taxes on the average family by up to $2000 dollars. while giving a tax break of $250,000 dollars to multi-millionaires. doesn't mitt romney understand, we can't rebuild tearing down the middle class. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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this week's wednesday child is a extremely bright and engages 1-year-old that made quite an impression on barbara harrison when they met. >> barbara says there's just something special, he is very smart and very bright. >> the first time we ran the story, the right family just didn't happen to be watching. >> sir wanted to go straight to the small ma'amle economist. sir, who wants to be a veterinary some day, wanted to find his favorite animal of all. >> i think he has a question for you. >> do you have hedgehogs?
9:41 am
>> hedgehogs are his favorite. >> it turns out that rebecca smithson just happened to have something to show us. >> i've never been in this part of the zoo. >> only special get people get to go behind the scenes. >> she was special because it was his birth day the day before and he has shown so much courage over the years. . he is a vivaciouivacious, intel start young man. >> what does she feel like to you?
9:42 am
>> soft like fur. >> how do you know so much about animals? >> i read about them. >> thank you. >> a picture and painting done by the hedgehog, the best present would be loving parents for an 11-year-old with a lot of promise. barbara harrison, news 4 for wednesday's child. >> if you have room in your home and your heart, call our special adoption headline. you can also log on to nbc >> and a blessing of the animals. crabs, dogs, cats, horses, it is
9:43 am
open to all pets. what little chances there are for rain chances are just hit and miss.
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check out these light nths sky, last night thousands of people released paper lanterns into the sky. it's part of an art prize project called rights in the night. they say it represents the dreams of a community taking flight. >> that's cool. >> we should do that around here, but i'm not sure what the departure traffic would think about that. >> going into the no fly zone, but we did have a bright ball in
9:47 am
our sky last night. the harvest moon out there, and today, the moon is starting to wane just a bit now, it's about 97% full tonight. beautiful weather to get your sunday started, and i think it will be nice when your sunday is over as well. we may have a couple mitt and miss showers throughout your saturday afternoon that may briefly interrupt some of your activities. there is a live picture of our city camera view. sunlight on the other side of the river. it is 59 degrees at national airport. winds remaining light.
9:48 am
we'll all be climbing into the low and mid-60s here very, very shortly. yesterday we topped out at 73, and we may be a little warmer than that. some sprinkle out here for maryland. notice these rain showers in western new york are going westbound, these ones are copping eastbound, as it rides down here during the daytime heating, it will cook up a quick little round of passing showers here especially for northern maryland. here it is on our future model. you see that grazing of rain drop chances in northern most maryland. the further south you go, the drier your sunday will be.
9:49 am
by the time you get to fredericksburg i don't think there is a chance for much of anything there. we'll all be off to a bright and sunny start tomorrow, and clouds come back into place. monday will be mostly dry, but rain chances will sneak in late monday night and into the day on tuesday. tuesday looks to be our best chance at rain showers around here this weekend. it will feel very, very humid around here. so for today, a mix of clouds and sunshine, a scattering of showers around. highs today upper 60s and lower 70s. redskins are in tampa, temperatures near 90 at kick off. then tomorrow, back to work and school, clouds back after dark. and if you're going to the nats
9:50 am
game, did you know that we're 17 games ahead of the phillies? 17 games. they travel well, they love coming down and invading our ballpark, but we're still 17 games ahead. >> it's not hard to get here, though. >> no, it's not. >> we need another bridge or something. >> keep them out. >> thanks, chuck. ten minutes away from the 10:00 hour, details on anne hathaway's wedding.
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convicted dc sniper le
9:54 am
lee malvo says he wants his victims to forget about him so they can move on. he says he quote feels like the worst piece of scum on the earth, ent quote. this tuesday marked ten years since the deadly shooting spree. malvo and his partner mohammed killed ten people. malvo is serving a life sentence without parol. coming up next is the chris matthews show. >> that's followed by "meet the press." good morning, coming up at 10:00 on the chris matthews show, wednesday's big debate holds promise for mitt romney. he can reset the campaign with a snappy come back. we're going to look at past
9:55 am
debate missteps by romney and obama how they're prepping for the big match on wednesday. there will be three times that a challenger turned the polls around because of a debate. we'll talk a look at those moments. plus, what does history predict about turning around the polls. join me for a great round table. now for a look at what's coming p up on "meet the press." >> good morning, we're in the final phase of this campaign, just three days now. so how does mitt romney rebound after a rough month, i'll ask the top supporter of new jersey, chris christie. now white house senior advisor david plouffe. and what to watch for on
9:56 am
wednesday. stay tuned after the program for my "press pass" conversation with nate silver who was on fire in 2008 with his poll predictions. actor dustin hoffman took home a special honor. he was honored with a 60th anniversary in recognition of his work and career. he woman academy awards for cramer vs. cramer, and rain man. >> this next story surprised me, anne hathaway is waking up this morning a married woman. she married her boyfriend last night in a private ceremony. they met through mutual friends,
9:57 am
an began dating in 2008. >> about 100 people in the audience. >> they have been dating for about four years, so it was about time to do it. >> a lot of people feel happy for her because her past relationship didn't end that well. >> oh, gosh, the con artist? >> hopefully she did better this time. >> yes, definitely a upgrade, but i was able to find pictures of her wedding dress online. she is friends with valentino which helps when you're planning a wedding. thank you for joining us for this editi
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